9:20 AM

Dawn, with still a little darkness in the air. More like a grey. That's when I got on my bike this morning. It's almost December so apart from the lighted signs and lamps in buildings--Rijksmuseum looks like a castle with the yellow windows, especially the part in the garden with the greenhouse attached--there are Christmas lights over the streets and in trees, loads of tiny golden dots in the air. In the trees they are most beautiful, bending along the branches. The ice-skating rink on Museumplein has been set up, deserted. Smells of fresh bread waft out of bakeries that just opened. Everybody who's out on the streets at this hour has a purpose-- running, going to work, or even just taking in all this beauty on a walk. I should do that more. It's very mesmerising. 

Pictures by me, taken at Museumplein, Amsterdam.

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